Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jason woke me up at four in the morning by jumping on the bed. He was wearing his cowboy hat.

Do we have any tuna left, he said.

No, I said.

If you wake up and I'm not home it's because I'm out trying to catch a stray cat.

Okay, I said.

He came home empty-handed. He said it was a little white cat, but it kept running away from him and he had to chase it through the tall prickly grass along the road near our apartment. Everyone wants to know why we would want to move to Albuquerque. Last week at a party someone laughed at us and said, "People come here going, 'Look at the pretty sagebrush,' but we call it weeds."

Today we went to Salvation Army and bought books and '80's belts and then to Walmart to buy tuna. I found out I was nominated by No Tell Motel for the Best of the Net awards, which was very nice.

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