Monday, September 17, 2007

Owls, Carnival Folk, Horseshoe Crabs

I got a waitress job at the Owl Cafe. There are 93 owls inside the restaurant and if you count them all you get a lollipop.

I'm in training. I can't drive stick shift by myself yet, so yesterday morning I walked a mile and a half to work and found out when I got there that I would be learning how to run food, so for about five hours I carried around big heavy trays and now my legs hurt so bad it's hard to sit down. I just tried to do this and could not:

After work Jason and I went to the New Mexico State Fair, rode the Ferris wheel, ate Indian tacos and sopapillas, and made friends with trickster gypsy carnival folk and three little kids named Eli (3), Trent (5), and Leona (7), who wanted to wrestle Jason and swing from his arms like tree branches. Trent told me about his brother Diego, who brought a gun to school and stole his uncle's DJ equipment.

My favorite New Mexico colloquialism is the addition of "huh" at the end of a sentence.

Jason: What would you do if that Ferris wheel caught on fire while we were on it?

Eli: We'd blow up, huh.

Me: Would you jump off?

Eli: I'd put it out.

Me: You'd put it out?

Trent: He said he'd put it out with pee.

After the Ferris wheel, we went to pet stingrays and horseshoe crabs.

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