Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby Martians Under the Sea

My mom found an anthology of my writing from third grade in our basement, and mailed it to me. Here are two excerpts.

"Baby Martians Under the Sea"

What is it like inside an egg? It's a party for the baby martians. They love watching martian t.v. with all their friends. They order three pounds of Galaxy yolk and outer space popcorn. They string the yolks on twisted strands of egg white and hang them on the ceiling. They put the popcorn in bowls. They think it's nice and cool in the egg ever since they installed their ceiling fan. They have their nice neat home.

"California Condors: A report about a magnificent bird."

A California Condor is a vulture. They have black and white fethers. They have a yellow or orange head and a red neck. They are fifty inches long and weigh twenty to twenty-five pounds.

Since they are vultures they eat the remains of dead animals. Grose huh? Not to them!

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Tortilla ex Machina said...


I think it might be fun to send these pieces out for publication and see what happens. I mean, I think I would. Do you have any more?