Friday, October 19, 2007

Horrible Accident; Birthday

I spilled water on my laptop keyboard. For those playing along at home, this is the second laptop I've ruined. It works a little bit. Jason can still go on Fark. But as far as writing goes, it is dead. I am in the office of my apartment complex right now. My novel has been at 80 pages for a couple weeks now. I feel guilty and unproductive.

The good news is my [23rd] birthday is tomorrow, and yesterday I received a box from Beth that contained handmade vanilla almond granola, chocolate sugar cookies, Frida Kahlo tattoos, orange potpourri, a Christmas ornament from California, buttons with a flapper lady's face on them (with a note that said, 'These look like you if you were a plastic button'), and soap that smells like sandalwood.

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Anonymous said...

Happy (late) birthday! Hope you had a good one!