Friday, October 26, 2007

Yesterday an American Girl Doll catalogue came addressed in the mail to me. Jason's been hinting about a birthday present he ordered online and I asked if the catalogue was my present. He said he didn't send it to me, but he wished he had thought of it. I used to love AG dolls. I had Molly and one of the ones you designed yourself -- she had red hair and green eyes, the way I wished I looked. I used to spend hours with the catalogue when it came in the mail, like it was a book.

I may have found a writing group to join in Albuquerque. I've got over 23,000 words so far. Jason's been working 12 hour shifts as a security guard on movie sets, which means we both get up at 6:00, drink coffee, he leaves, I write, sometimes I nap, and then I go to work around 5:00 and get home at 10:00 and then we watch reality television and sleep.

I had an older couple in the restaurant on Wednesday -- the woman was wearing an ornate poncho and cowboy boots and had short, chic hair. The man had a sweater and a newsboy cap. After they ate, I asked if they wanted desert and the man said he had to watch his figure. Ha ha, I said, getting ready for bathing suit season? Well actually, the woman said, we leave for Hawaii next week. We spend six months of the year in Santa Fe and six in Maui. How nice, I said. They left me two dollars.

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