Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I had a man come into the restaurant with a woman and speak only Najavo to me. She spoke English. After a few frustrating minutes of trying to guess what he wanted, she would translate. I wondered why she didn't translate the whole time. An hour and a half later, he started laughing, and told me he spoke English, but it's just a joke he likes to play whenever he goes out. Ha ha, I said. I'm keeping my eye on you. They left me a 10% tip.

A woman came in with her three sons who were 14, 10, and 9. As soon as they sat down she started yelling at them to stay in their seats. Two of them ordered coffee. I looked at her like, Really? Coffee? And she smiled. So I brought them coffee. They continued to wander the restaurant, spin on the counter stools, and be obnoxious. When they needed refills I brought decaf. For desert they all had ice cream. She told me it was almost bedtime.

An older man and his wife came for dinner very late. She had lost most of her hair, told me she was diabetic, and they were on their way from Phoenix to Nebraska. She was on a lot of medication, and her hands shook. We travelled today, she told me. Did you travel in the car?, I said. She smiled. We travelled today, she said.

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