Saturday, November 3, 2007

If I Lived in New York

August: Osage County is on Broadway now, there's a new Adam Rapp play, there's new work by Will Eno including the play Oh, the Humanity, described as:

Two people and their two chairs seek to find meaning and direction in life, seek to find just the tiniest shred of certainty, consistency. A stranger arrives -- though he doesn't do what strangers always do, when strangers arrive. If you were ever born, and expect to ever die, this might be a play for you.

I saw Thom Pain (based on nothing) last spring with Eric and Dmitriy in Chicago. I like Tragedy: A Tragedy better.

Also: an expanded Zoo Story with a new first act.

I really enjoyed the New Yorker profile on Elizabeth LeCompte, especially reading about her relationship with Spalding Gray.

I hook into people's dreams about themsleves. I make a frame for them. I get to know them. I say, 'Oh, let's find a way to give them back to you.' It wasn't that I had this thing about wanting to be a director. I said to Spalding, 'I'll make a frame for your dreams.'

One more, from the conclusion of the article:

I used to get mad at my plays, but it's different now. This thing, the theatre, it isn't necessary to me. My fears are about dying, and not being loved. You know what I want? I want a dog. A dog who's out hunting all day, and he comes home, pant, pant, and I know he loves me. How do you define pleasure? Sometimes I just want to stare at the sky, to sit in a beautiful space and stare at the sky through trees. Am I just lazy? I'm guilty even feeling that way. Well, not so much guilty but anxious. And now -- all the work I'm doing -- I'm not even anxious, because I know I could walk away. I see my friend Alex Katz, painting, painting -- probably he'll die painting. 'Oh, move over here,' I say. 'Tell me your secret.' But my actors are happy. I've given them something, and they're entertaining me. It's like downhill skiing. You gowhoosh! And if you don't get there you do it again. It's not one moment, or one performance. It's 'Will I make it at the end of the day?'

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Eric said...

Berekeley Rep is doing a big production of Tragedy: A Tragedy early next year. Far away, but least on your end of the USA.