Sunday, December 30, 2007


January : had wisdom teeth removed; woke from anesthesia and asked for them back; went to New York; slept on a cot in the Barnard dorm; rode the Chinatown bus to Philadelphia; attended a Keith Johnstone workshop; wrote Alice in Wonderland

February : went to Dmitriy's housewarming party in an ice storm; auditioned for Medea and met Jason

March : ran a lot; went to Minneapolis

April : tried to do NaPoWriMo (failed); directed Alice in Wonderland; cut off hair; bought vintage motorcycle jacket and helmet; decided to move to New Mexico

May : a lot of sadness

June : a lot of teaching (improv, masks, singing, piano)

July : more teaching; went to New York; saw mythical creatures exhibit at the Museum of Natural History; ate ice cream daily

August : moved to Albuquerque; a lot of sunbathing

September : got waitressing job; started The Novel and wrote a thousand words a day; learned to drive stick; went to the New Mexico State Fair

October : went to the Balloon Fiesta; spilled water and broke my laptop; went to a corn maze for my 23rd birthday; joined writing workshop

November : drove to Las Vegas; made my first (and last) turkey

December : too depressed to write; went to Santa Fe; went to Chicago for Christmas


Tortilla ex Machina said...

When you have those Decembers and Mays, just remember that you are an extraordinary writer with great gifts, so ... well, that probably doesn't help as much as it should in the moment, but perhaps it will in the moments afterwards.

Anonymous said...

hey leigh!!

happy new year to you and jason!! don't be sad. you have a novel to finish and a camera to document the process!

i liked seeing my housewarming party featured in your year-in-review post.

be well,

Anonymous said...

At least August through December it seems like it was exciting as shit.