Monday, December 31, 2007

Dance Party

I won the 2007 Pavement Saw Press Transcontinental Poetry Award.

Happy new year, everybody!


Anonymous said...

woot!! woot!!

Anonymous said...

You deserve it!

::si:: said...

hi leigh - dunno if u remember me
we used to penpal ages ago
was checking the net for j.s.foer and you came to my attention when i discovered an article signed by you.
so you're in drama and poetry,just like when we were in touch, great!
happy new year 2008, full of great surprises!
silvia in italy

Mike Young said...

Congrats, yo! Is that the chapbook contest or the full book one?

L. Trent said...

Huzzah to you!

Leigh Stein said...


full book. "Universalism" I think is the last poem in it.

Mike Young said...