Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays, friends.

I received many goodies this year, such as pajamas and Betsey Johnson earrings, a Sherman Alexie book, a Frank Sinatra greatest hits album, and a Panera giftcard from my sister. Panera is my favorite. I also got a digital camera! Pictures to follow I'm sure.

I am currently devouring Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks. Below, a description of an elephant by a young teenage girl with Williams Syndrome:

"What an elephant is, it is one of the animals. And what an elephant does, it lives in the jungle. It can also live in the zoo. And what it has, it has long, gray ears, fan ears, ears that can blow in the wind. It has a long trunk that can pick up grass or pick up hay. If they're in a bad mood, it can be terrible. If the elephant gets mad, it could stomp; it could charge. Sometimes elephants can charge. They have big long tusks. They can damage a car. It could be dangerous. When they're in a pinch, when they're in a bad mood, it can be terrible. You don't want an elephant as a pet. You want a cat or a dog or a bird."

My mom got my sister an Old Country Buffet gift card (her favorite restaurant, pronounced "BUFF'ett" in Hattie speak) and she is taking me to lunch.


dmitriy said...

i am super excited about your new camera! which one did you get?

the elephant description is awesome. i like it much better than that koala essay from a few posts back.

how long are you in town?

Leigh Stein said...

A Canon PowerShot A570

I go back to Albuquerque on Saturday afternoon.