Friday, December 14, 2007

I woke up with this dark, puffy thing under my eye. I thought it was mascara. It's not. It looks like I was punched.

I don't think I'll be living in Albuquerque after the lease is up (February).

I made a wish list for a boyfriend.

I ended up not buying Hattie the Sherman Alexie book because I read the first few pages at Barnes and Noble and as much as I like his other writing, I felt like it was so, "Look, guys. I can so capture how teenagers speak," that it made my skin crawl. I should write young adult books. I'm a young adult. When adults write books for young adults the voice is never quite right.

I bought her The Glass Castle instead, which I am reading and loving. It was a good choice. I also got her The Best American Non-Required Reading 2007.

I saw that Miranda July has a "story" in the new Tin House that is basically the dialogue from her short film "Are you the favorite person of anybody?" Thoughts on this?

Lastly, an essay about koalas.


Anonymous said...

i think that's the worst essay i have ever read. will you be moving to la as originally planned, or back to chicago? i miss you.

Julia said...

leigh bee please move here in february and hang out with me. think of it as a kind of birthday present. honestly, all i've been doing all day is study for finals and think about the right wording for a casual text message to you. i miss you, too.
but i thought the essay was quality.

Eric said...

I saw that Miranda J. story as well and assumed that it was a story first and a short film second. Did it seem recycled to you?