Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa Fe

I invented a breakfast quesadilla today. I just ate it for lunch. You could call it the Leigh Stein Breakfast Quesadilla.

- one tortilla
- 2 eggs (cook 'em how you like)
- hot salsa (or mild, if you don't live in New Mexico and are a little baby)
- a little bit of diced onions
- a little bit of shredded cheese
- refried beans from a can (I used organic vegetarian black beans; a jar was in our cupboard)

All ingredients may be purchased at the Walmart at 400 Eubank in Albuquerque.

Step one:
Cook your eggs while warming tortilla in separate pan.

Step two:
While eggs are cooking, warm up beans and spread them over half of tortilla. Put cheese and onions on top of beans.

Step three:
Add cooked eggs to pile. Put salsa on top. Fold tortilla in half. Put on plate. Cut into thirds.

Step four:
Share with a friend and enjoy.

I was inspired to make this because I had huevos divorciados at the Plaza Cafe in Santa Fe yesterday. I also had the most delicious sopaipillas of my life.

On the way, Jason and I stopped at the Santo Domingo pueblo and bought a $12 carton of cigarettes. The woman in the smoke shop spoke Keres and told us her trickster brother once told a collection agency that she couldn't come to the phone because she was on a vision quest. They didn't call back for two months.

In Santa Fe we visited the Loretto Chapel, where you can find the staircase that Jesus' dad built.

It was miraculous.

After the chapel, we went to Overland, and I tried on this hat and looked like a Russian princess.

It is made out of foxes and lambs and costs $195.

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