Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kill me in the face

We're having a big problem with our apartment complex. Here is what I told Jason Bredle in an email, so I don't have to type it all again.

I started calling at the beginning of January to find out if there was anything I needed to do before our lease ended on 2/13. No one returned my calls, I was ignored when I went in in person, and when Jason put in our written notice 8 days late, the leasing agent did not tell him it was late. I called a week later and finally someone answered and I asked how much we owed for February. She was like, Did you put in written notice? I said, yeah. She said $300.30. So on Friday I went to turn in this amount, but on the way to the office checked my mail, and there was an invoice from them for $1500, including a $1000 "Early Termination Fee." I was like, How can I be charged an early termination fee if you're saying I put in my notice late? They were like, That's just what it's called. Anyway, I'm totally enraged and I've never been this assertive about anything before, but I've written a very long letter about how incompetent and negligent they are, and I'm sending it to their corporate offices and the New Mexico attorney general. Oh, also: that day I got the enormous bill Jason went in to talk to the manager and waited two and a half hours to see her before one of the leasing agents finally told him she was at a party. It was her first day as manager.


A week ago, I refiled a man's iced tea at work. I made a stupid joke about the iced tea. He wasn't even my customer.

Two days later, Jason and I went out to buy ice cream at midnight and Jason noticed a note on the windshield from this man that said he was the guy whose iced tea I had refilled and would I like to do something some time. Seems harmless, but no -- he must have watched me walk to my car that first night, and waited until I worked again, which was two days later, to leave the note.


To do today:

- fill out attorney general office complaint form
- buy envelopes (mine are already packed and i don't know where)
- go to post office and mail all my angry letters
- pay electric bill
- begin northwestern application so it'll be in by february 15 and i can know which of my credits will transfer
- possibly go bowling went to lunch instead


Anonymous said...

wheee for northwestern!!

Anonymous said...

I randomly came across your blog when I googled "kill me in the face" and I am glad I did, you are a wonderful writer.