Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today I:
- painted the ceiling of my dad's study for an hour and a half to earn my keep
- left a second message for the apartment manager's manager
- found out from the temp agency I applied at yesterday that according to the social security administration, I do not exist
- have no appetite

Yesterday my mom was helping one of the African refugee children read a book that was like, "I see three rabbits. I see three horses." He read, "I see three deer," and then told my mom, "Me like to eat these." My mom said, "You like to eat deer?" and he said, "Yes."

I asked her if they were hooked on fast food yet and she said they love hamburgers. She took them to Culver's and asked them what they wanted and they were like, "Chicken and hamburger and hot dog." And she was like, "Pick one."


Anonymous said...

does this mean the temp agency cannot hire you?

Julia said...

man, who doesn't like to eat deer? a certain l. stein i know likes to eat bison, so to each their own.

Leigh Stein said...

They can hire me once I call Social Security and get everything straightened out.