Thursday, February 21, 2008

I bet Sally doesn't shop at the mall.

Well, I've resumed my life of driving a red minivan, listening to pop music on the car radio, and frequenting the mall.

I'm reading You Must Be This Happy to Enter by Elizabeth Crane and I have to admit I'm a little disappointed, because usually I'm all gushy about her brilliance. She used to be the girl George Saunders, but now it appears she's tranquilized by marital bliss and all her stories are about exactly the same person: a person who used to be sad (just like YOU!) but met some guy in some absurdist twist and is now teaching at a university and finally happy (just like Elizabeth Crane!)!

Another problem I have is that some of the names are real things: The Empty Bottle, Wicker Park, American Girl dolls, The Montel Williams Show, and A Prayer for Owen Meany. But then sometimes, she makes up clever names like Coffee Is Love, Babies Babies Babies, Way behind the Music, and Sexy Doctors Sex It Up, but it's inconsistent because it's like, you need to choose which universe you're in. Are you in a normal universe where bizarre things happen? Or are you in a bizarre universe where normal things happen?

Here is a part I liked:

Sally is the kind of person who let's just say if there's an awful war going on, or if large numbers of people and even corporations are opposed to similarly gendered people getting married, or if people are opposed to other people having opinions that are different than those people's opinions, or if people are listening in on your phone calls and reading your e-mails and calling it security, or I don't know what else, unlike me and you, she won't be like, What am I gonna do, go march or something? Because crowds freak me out and plus what's the point? Sally might march or she might not, but what she will do is hang around the White House holding a bunch of balloons, smiling, and get reporters to ask her why she is hanging around the White House holding a bunch of balloons, and then cheerfully tell them it seemed like a pleasant way to say she was against the war and would they like a balloon?

Miranda July says vote for Obama.

In other news, my mom is learning Swahili via a CD she listens to in the car, so she can better communicate with the refugee family from Burundi she helps.

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Julia said...

your mom = great person.