Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Have a Job!

If your basement floods, call me! I will answer the phone! I will say, "Thank you for calling ---- ----, this is Leigh, how may I help you?" Then I will follow a script provided by the company that is written so it sounds like robot speak! If you call, you will know I am reading a script! When I tried saying my own things, someone told me I would be sent home! Haha! Once I have all your information, I can schedule an estimate appointment for you! When no one was looking I tried to read a book about Mormon fundamentalists today, but I got caught! By this lady! Who told me the only book I was allowed to read was the company product book! But I'm so bored!, I said. Here then, cut these gift certificates made to look like dollar bills with our company's president's picture on them! Cut them out for an hour! Okay!, I said. At least four women there are pregnant! They talk about cribs! All the time! Everyone is always snacking on things! Because they probably hate their jobs! And their lives! Hardly anyone there owns flattering pants!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! I think.