Monday, March 10, 2008

Today I quit my job and tutored ESL students!

Around 2:00, after I had been at work for six hours, my passive aggressive supervisor said I'm not allowed to read a book when I'm not busy. Well, he didn't say this. He made a book gesture with his hands and shook his head. Apparently, he prefers female employees who are able to talk about Disneyland time shares for fifteen minutes over female employees who would rather read books, quietly, in their cubicles.

After I called the temp agency to say I would not be returning, I went to help my mom tutor ESL kids. One of them is Michel, a nine-year-old boy from Burundi. My mom helps his family of six do things like go to the laundromat. He has only been here since August, but his English is really great and we have conversations like this:

Michel: Do you eat hens?
Me: Do I eat hens? Do I eat chickens? I eat chickens.
Michel: In Africa? I go fishing.
Me: In a lake?
Michel: Not in a boat.
Me: I eat pigs. Do you eat pigs?
Michel (smiling suspiciously): I eat horses.
Me: You eat horses? (joking) Do you eat zebras?
Michel (not sure if I'm joking): No. Do you?

Then I helped this little five-year-old, Soka, with his math homework. He said, Will you cut this out for me? I said, How are you going to learn to cut it out if I do it for you? He said, I'll watch you.

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