Friday, April 18, 2008

Further adventures.

Had two glasses of champagne and three chocolate truffles for dinner. Oh, and a couple espresso truffles. Tomorrow morning I have to go to a book reading and play the part of Penny, the mouse, and by this I mean read all of Penny's lines in a comic book published by my boss. The author is going to read Benny's lines. Benny, the mouse. I just had two glasses of champagne, can you tell?

Further proof that my sister is the funniest person on earth:

I was talking on the phone with Christian in the DINING ROOM and dad was in the chair in the corner in the LIVING ROOM and I was talking like volume three, and dad says, "WHO WAS THAT." and I say " erm Christian." and he said "Oh. His voice is so low." and I say "Don't do that ever again dad. It's creepy."

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