Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I live in New York now. On a futon in a living room in Harlem. Last night, Julia and I walked to like 131st and 12th Ave or something crazy like that, and bought groceries at the most ultimate grocery store ever.

I need five of you to move to Bed-Stuy with me. Let me know, guys.

I love my new job. A very famous graphic novelist helped me unlock the office today. The door key sucks, and he told me that we just had to think positive thoughts and the door would open, and it did. Yesterday, my boss worked this into a sentence: "Well, when I talked to Dave Eggers, he said..."


JPhillips said...


JPhillips said...


Anonymous said...

your card came yesterday and made my day, thank you!!

that apartment looks amazing! you should rent the entire thing and open a hostel for traveling artists. i would love to come visit.

congrats again on the new job!! how is your book coming?

Pen Drive said...

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kat said...

hm. i dunno if you want to live in bed-stuy. even in that place.