Saturday, May 17, 2008

Britney Spears

Thursday night I went to Tao Lin's launch party for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

'cognitive-behavioral therapy' 'launch party' 5.15.08 @ melville house from tao lin on Vimeo.

The guy in the face paint was not a theater major. I asked.

Zachary German offered me $75 for my homeless poetry manuscript.

Me: I'm not going to give it to you for $75.
Zachary: I'll give you $125.
Me: No.
Zachary: I'd probably reject it anyway. I've rejected everyone so far except Tao Lin.

Yesterday morning at 8:30 the roommates who live on top of me (long story) said, You know the exterminator's coming today, right? And I was like, No? And they were like, Oh, man, I thought someone told you. You have to be out of the apartment for twenty-four hours. So I put all my belongings in tupperware storage containers and went to work with a bag of clothes and my toothbrush, which I dropped at the hipster coffee shop across the street and felt really embarrassed about, and then I spent the night at Kat's. She is a good friend. She let me sleep for eleven hours.

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Hattie (pro cage fighter) said...

I like Kat. and you. Kelsey won best new comer, along with Micheal Mcclinton (the one that dropped dyke like fifty times in his last audition and made sex change references.. eeyeah.).