Sunday, May 25, 2008

Having nervous breakdown.

Just ate 3/4 pint of raspberry sorbet while composing email to seven actresses, trying to find someone to be in my plays. I said whoever replies first gets it.

Kat and I went to Carnegie Hall tonight. During Fauré's Requiem, I enjoyed watching one of the high school choir girls in the front row yawn. The dark-haired girl behind her seemed very earnest, but never quite sure what page everyone else was on. She did open her mouth pretty wide. That's one of the many things I hate about choirs. Choir directors tell everyone to open their mouths as wide as possible. Try singing something with your mouth as wide as possible. It will sound like this: MAAAAWEEEE HAAAAAD A LAAAAHTLE LAAAAAAAAMB. It won't be any prettier or louder than your normal singing. All it does is turn things that aren't an "ah" vowel into an "ah" vowel and make the sound fall backward.

From Hattie:

Definition of "snurgle":

"A cold handshake made between the two people that only they know."

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