Saturday, May 24, 2008

I went for a run this morning, up and down Bushwick, and discovered I live a block away from a library. Also found out I owe the NYPL $26.50 from when I lived here three years ago. Yay! I paid part of it so I could make photocopies.

Had my first read through with my actors for the Bushwick Arts Fest. Went well. One of the actresses didn't show up, or call, which sucks, but that means I can take someone from the 20+ girls who emailed me resumes and who I had originally turned down.

Cheryl, who is a friend of Eric's, is in a play that is basically a 13 page monologue about horrible things that somehow must be played as a comedy. She said, I'm a little scared. I told my husband this morning, 'This is a little scary.' I'm scared, too, I told her. If we can get it right, it will be the best play of the three, but if we can't get it right, then I will ask my friends not to come see it. Just kidding. You're all coming whether you want to or not.

I'm going to go to Target now, to buy a yoga mat and a laptop case, and then I'm going to St. Ann's warehouse for a Toy Theater symposium.

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Eric Z. said...

I hope no one shows up at Uncommon Ground in December 2008 to see a show that happened last winter. I will revamp my old internet presence soon.

Hey, they're got the Bat City Review in the Gold Coast Barnes & Noble -- congrats on both the poems themselves and getting them published (and getting them published alongside Jim Daniels, who has a few great books).