Monday, May 19, 2008

Throw a stick.

I'm having a hard time finding actors.

I tried to explain this problem to Jason and he said, "You're having a hard time finding actors? In New York? Go out in the street and throw a stick."

I've emailed about 30 people, 10 of which I went to college with, and only 2 have had the decency to respond and say, "Sorry I can't." Maybe my expectations are too high. Maybe I'm spoiled by poets who, when I say, Do you want to read, they reply within .226 seconds to say, Sure!

I have "Brandy Alexander" stuck in my head.

Whenever I listen to the Feist CD I think of Albuquerque, before I knew how to drive a stickshift, when I had to walk down Steven Moody Street past the park where the kite-flyers went, to take the Juan Tabo bus to the doctor's office, to get Zoloft.

Tonight I said, Hattie I have to get off the phone now and work on my novel.
She said, You're always cutting me off, aren't you.
Then I said something I don't remember.
And then she said, I'm like you're guilty vice. Is that what it's called?
Guilty pleasure.
Like Sex and the City, she said.


::si:: said...

Hi Leigh,
so nice you're living in NY again... sounds soo lively and cultural! I wish I could come to one of your readings, unluckily it's a bit too far, indeed! but email me/leave a msg when your book is ready, maybe I can order it by internet? I'm very curious about it - I like how you write, so direct, it goes straight to heart and creates vivid images.
Good luck with your search, actors are strange creatures, but I'm pretty sure you're soon finding the one you're seeking for.
Luv - Silvia

dmitriy said...

My college friend Devin is an actor and he lives in New York. I can e-mail him to see if he is interested in participating. Let me know the details so I can forward them to him.

Tao Lin said...

what do you need actors for? i

Leigh Stein said...

Tao, I need actors for the one act plays I'm directing on Sunday, the day after the poetry reading. I need one more girl and two more boys. Do you know any actors here?

P.S. I got my shirt today. Thank you!