Saturday, June 28, 2008

This is the answer to, Where are you from and where do you live?, but it doesn't work at a noisy bar.

In February, I moved from Albuquerque to my parents' house in Illinois.

In April, I moved to Julia's apartment in Harlem.

In May, I moved to Bushwick.

Today I'm packing all my things and taking them to SoHo, because my boss is letting me stay at their apartment while they're out of town. I thought the bedbugs were gone because I had stopped getting bites, but today I found a bedbug. A live one. In my bed. I squashed it.

On Friday or Saturday I will be taking all my things from SoHo, and putting them in a cab, and taking them to Kat's in the West Village, where I'll be living for July.

In August I'm moving to Ditmas Park.

I really need to stop buying things. This is getting unwieldy.


Anonymous said...

Be careful! It is easy to move bedbugs. You need:

kat said...

yeah, and if that's not bad enough, if you infect my room, you will owe me, for like, the rest of your life. you might have to become my slave. or ghostwrite all my forthcoming bestsellers. who KNOWS whatall.

Leigh Stein said...




I've been dealing with this for a month now and I'm taking the necessary precautions.