Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blogs for Print Nerds: Zines

Remember zines?

When I was fifteen I rarely went to school. I had over 50 pen pals and I stayed in my bedroom all day writing letters and making zines out of awful poetry and collages made from pages out of Vogue. Vitaphobia was my favorite and so I'm pretty lucky that eight years later I get to be friends with Meggy. I also remember Mad Girl's Love Song and this other one made by a girl who lived in Illinois who I met on a Francesca Lia Block discussion list. Remember discussion lists!? Remember AOL message boards?! Oh, and I loved Heather Lynn's short stories. She made zines. Does anyone remember her?

Last night I went to Kat's scientific paper reading. It was short and sweet. Each scientist read three sentences. Kat, are you a scientist? I think so. There were free buttons to illustrate the idea of "crowding." The buttons showed the letter A. Kat pointed out that I was wearing my button upside down, but I didn't even know there was an A, and there's a perfect example of my general visual impairment.

Mitsu and I talked about weblogs. That's what he calls them. I said I'd had a LiveJournal in 2000. He said he remembers all the competition between diarists vs. bloggers, and I was like, Wow, that's so true. It was a competition as to who could capture the biggest audience with stories of their dysfunctional lives.


Melissa said...

Where is katherine? She disappeared from lj all suddenly and she's not writing at villanelle..


Anonymous said...

i miss you lj, and kat's.. i hardly go there anymore.

kat said...

i was very staunch about how i kept an online journal, NOT A BLOG, for a long time. this was partly because i had my journal before the term blog, or even web log, existed.

i'm not blogging or online journaling for the time being.

i'm a scientist at least inasmuch as the word is in my job title and i've had this job for years.

dmitriy said...

hi kat!

Meggy_FFW said...

Zines were so good.

gina said...

I totally still have one of heather lynns zines! Zines forever!