Sunday, July 20, 2008

Favorite flavor of the moment: White chocolate
A good thing to read if you are like me and don't have the attention span for much other than Glamour magazine: Mike Young
True story: my dad sent me a letter in the mail with photographs from our spring trip out west, and in his letter he wrote a smiley face, the internet way, sideways :)
What I did on Friday: watched My Kid Could Paint That, about the adorable Marla Olmstead, child prodigy of abstract art. I want to believe that she does everything herself, but I can't help but think her dad helps. If her dad is helping, I don't believe the mom knows.


vs. this (one of the ones they filmed her doing from start to finish to prove she does all the painting herself):


Matt said...

I think I prefer the second one anyway!

Anonymous said...

your dad is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Jason Sho Green has moved. please update your link.