Monday, July 14, 2008

Reply with an image of your brain.

Yesterday I saw the last day of the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum with Ben. As we walked into this room I said, This is what it looks like inside my brain!

That isn't entirely true. Not now anyway. Here would be a nice thing to have for a brain:

I also saw The Wackness over the weekend, which I would recommend to anyone who likes anything.


Mike Young said...

Love for the Wackness. I can't wait, personally.

Eric Z. said...

Eric Z. said...

Looks like that one got cut off, but that's my brain right there. In parts:





Leigh Stein said...

thank you for participating in the survey, eric.

p.s. i forgot to mention that at the brooklyn museum i saw a huge photo of alec soth's. i told ben, i know him! or, well, no, i don't, but i know eric and eric knows him! and then we played six degrees of separation, concluding that ben's brother's friend's mom also knows him.

Eric Z. said...

Oh neat - do you remember what the photo was? He always works with a large-format camera -- huge thing.