Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fail better.

I'm on my porch, eating vegetarian pad thai and cubed watermelon from Brooklyn Natural. One time I went over to Kat's and she told me she cut her own watermelon and I was astounded, not only because it's Kat, who gets all her food from Seamless Web or Amy's Bread (sorry, Kat, but it's true), but because who cuts watermelon, when you can just BUY IT LIKE THIS?

I've been thinking about things in my life I would do over.

1. Three years ago, in Austin, TX, Julia and I were at the most ultimate Whole Foods that exists in the world and I regret paying so little attention to their avocado gelato.
2. A year ago my mom asked me if once I moved to Albuquerque I would ever be back or could she take over my bedroom and I was like, "Oh, I'm sure. I'll never be back." And then I moved hundreds of books across the country, and clothing for four seasons. It's not that I wouldn't do it again, but I would do it differently. I was going to say I'd do it safer, but if it had been safer it wouldn't have been an adventure. Adventures are inherently risky and stupid.


me said...

you mean "Kat, domestic goddess who has hosted two dinner parties this month and grinds her own pesto with a mortar and pestle," right?

Leigh Stein said...

you're a changed woman (or, maybe you were a changed woman, and now you've changed back to your original deity-ness)

Anonymous said...

i don't think adventures are stupid.

Eric Z. said...

Last night I heard Anne Lamott on this CBC show Tapestry talk about a friend of hers who starts the day with the prayer "Whatever" and goes to bed with the prayer "Oh well." It sounded too 1990s for a minute, and then it kicked in and made sense.

ryan manning said...

my hair will defeat barack obama