Saturday, August 9, 2008

I was going to write about last night's reading, but my sister's recap is so excellent I'll just paste below for your reference.

New York friends will have to excuse me if I spend the rest of August holed up in Brooklyn. This past week was so overwhelming, I'm completely exhausted and spent the day crying at airports.

Hattie's Report

Tonight I went to Leigh's poetry reading in the Fine Arts building with the best elevator ever, and Leigh is the best poet ever, and then Jason discovered the best roof ever. My glasses are lopsided because my ears are lopsided. I tell you this because you might know me and your name might be Bernie/Ernie, or maybe you don't know me but you've seen me boppin around noticing something was off with my face but you couldn't pin-(?)point what.

I saw Dmitriy for the second time this summer which never happens and he took a picture of me doing my Mona Lisa Snowman pose. I'm going to write 40 pages of poems and Leigh is going to help me and then we're going to send them out to Dancing Girl Press and I'm going to read there this Winter and wear a fuzzy scarf. I'm also going to grow my hair really long and dye it red. I'm working to be perfect someday.

I kept on seeing people walking by in Harry Potter costumes downtown. "Go tell them you're Luna," Leigh said. So I ran after them and told them I liked their costumes and turns out they were going to a Harry Potter Convention. "I'M THE AMERICAN VERSION OF LUNA LOVEGOOD." I blurted out at the last second. "hahaaa...bye."

My pen pal sent a letter to someone who didn't exist but lived in iceland and put me as the return address. We're going to go to Iceland three times together: when I'm 24 and he's 27, 54 and 57, and 94 and 97. By our 90's we're both going to have un-treatable cancer and end our lives by jumping out of planes with no parachutes.

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