Thursday, September 11, 2008

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I've been thinking about hobbies lately, and whether or not I have any.

A few years ago someone asked me if I ever do anything that I'm not trying to better at, and I thought No...does that mean something's wrong with me? This wasn't a mean person. They said maybe I should play video games or something. After I dropped out of high school I played either the SIMS or Tetris for about 6 hours a day, but that's mainly because both games were at my boyfriend's house, and he wanted to see me every day, and I wanted to break up with him, so the best compromise seemed to be going over there and playing solitary games.

Or maybe I have the definition of hobby wrong. A lot of people have hobbies they want to be good at. Even people who are good at video games want to be better at video games. Right?

So what's a hobby? Something you'd never want to make a living at?

I used to knit. That was a hobby. Now I play the Rhodes James brought me and I play because 1) I don't have to leave my bedroom to do this hobby, and 2) I'm never going to be very good at piano, and I'm never going to need to be very good at piano, so I can just play the intro to something 18 times and then play something else.

I'm dogsitting for my cousin. Her aparment has a great view of the Hudson, and an HDTV. I was so excited. I planned to watch so much TV during my one night here. But what did I watch? One episode of Jeopardy, and half an episode of Seinfeld until I felt too guilty and returned to my reading for anthropology. There's a lot of reading. I don't think I anticipated how hard school would be. But if I don't do the reading that means I'm paying thousands of dollars, of my own dollars, just to blow off my education. And I'm not going just for the piece of paper that says I have an education. I'm going to learn.

Which is why I'm up early. Enough blogging, I'm off to read more about the savage of Aveyron.


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Hattie said...
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