Monday, December 8, 2008

Nothing says holidays like The Souls of Black Folk

For those of you who missed my singing recital at Brooklyn Arts Exchange last night (that's all of you), you'll be excited to hear I'm reading an excerpt from Jay Parini's new Promised Land tonight at Barnes & Noble Union Square at 7pm. What excerpt am I reading? I'm glad you asked. I'll be reading about W.E.B. Du Bois's The Souls of Black Folk. Why was I chosen to read this particular excerpt? Ask Anna Utevsky.

In other news, I hate when people find out I'm from Chicago and say, "You must love this weather then!" Love what? Not being able to feel my face? Dudes, in Chicago, we drive cars. And I guess some people live in the city and don't drive cars, but that was never me. I am cold. I am cold right now in my cubicle.

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Rachel Mallino said...

Leigh (BEE), you're funny as hell.