Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wild Things

One of my seven-year-olds asked me yesterday if I had any babies.

No, I don't have a husband yet so I don't have any babies.

You know, you don't need a husband to have a baby!

You're right. But I'm just waiting to do it that way anyway.


I was wearing that shirt I'm wearing in that picture over there -->

One of the five-year-old twins ran up to me and put her hand on my chest.


Her dad said, You don't have kids of your own, do you?

I said, No, but I like it this way. With my temporary Saturday children.

We practiced Where the Wild Things Are, but everyone fought over who got to "be" the ocean. If you're the ocean, you get to hold this big shimmery blue cape in the air and make waves. I guess this is the coolest part of the play for them, even cooler than being a wild thing. There are only four girls in that class so I have to play a tree as well as the narrator, to help out.


Stephanie Goehring said...

That speech bubble comment is brilliant. I wish I could remember how to think like a five-year-old.

I've been reading your blog since I read "How to Mend a Broken Heart with Vengeance," by the way. Really good book. When I read the part in "Zelda" about dressing up like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, I about died. I have photos of me dressed up like her from this project I had to do in seventh grade.

Leigh Stein said...

And this is why kids are the greatest.

Haha! I'm glad someone dressed up as ECS. I actually never did, but my mom goes to Episcopalian church now, and I guess they have some holiday where everyone dresses up like a famous Episcopalian? (It might just be her church. Some kind of strange Midwestern tradition, I have no idea.) She told me about it and I couldn't resist.

Ellie said...

many plays iv been in there was always some material being made into for water or chocolate or somthing. the first time creating waves is always exciting. its like being moses or somthing. after that it gets really boring. where the wild things are is amazing. im guessing those twins are pretty awesome too