Monday, January 26, 2009

Bury the Dead

A boy I knew in acting school was killed in Afghanistan. I just found out on Facebook.

Jan 23:
Julian commented on his own photo. 12:15pm
miss you too brother. I'll be home before you know it.

Jan 23
X wrote at 11:42pm
JB baby any word on your care package?
I'm glad you are safe. Just bought a book about the Tankers in the USMC during WW2. It appears the Japanese feared Marine tanks more than anything else.
Home soon bro. :-)

Jan 24
X wrote at 6:36am
hello olf friend, i miss you buddy and am so glad i stumbled upon your profile and have added you. I hopeto catch up and talk soon. i also really hope you are well..cheers,

X wrote at 8:34pm
It is with great sadness that I share that Julian was killed in Afghanistan yesterday. Our hearts our broken ... I will post again when we know funeral details. Please contact my husband if needed (Dxxxx -

After that, there are hundreds of comments from friends, like "thanks for saving my life in middle school," and "I'll never forget that dance we choreographed," and "thanks for making that DVD of our acting school memories." What's so surreal is that it's as if as long as his Facebook exists, he can read the wall. But of course he can't read the wall.

We were never in a play together, but I saw him act in Bury the Dead by Irwin Shaw, a play that begins “two years into the war that is to begin tomorrow night." The play is about six dead soldiers who refuse to let themselves be buried, who rise from their graves to tell of the futility of war.

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Chalie Mae said...

mid december a kid who a few days earlier jumped my boyfriends son was stabbed to death. i looked up his myspace early january and he had posted pictures mere hours before it happened! spooky... also his mother told the news that her son was a good kid and never involved in gangs. his pictures on myspace are of him flashing gang signs and holding money... interesting