Thursday, January 15, 2009

I didn't mean it when I said I hate everyone.


I'm having the horrible problem I had in August 2007 when I was so stressed that the muscles in my jaw went haywire and I thought I had an ear infection for three weeks and the doctors gave me codeine and I fell off my chair during a piano lesson. It hurts to chew and my head is throbbing. I keep having nightmares. Maybe I should get more ativan. I'm going to bed now.


Eastern Cynic said...

This is exactly what I have! Constantly. For four months. The guy Zia sent me to told me nothing was wrong with me, but that didn't stop him from doing horrible probe-y things to my nostrils after making me wait so long the nasal anesthetic wore off. Sigh.

Chalie Mae said...

my 2009 answer to everything is "become a running enthusiast"

Tilt Press said...

It's probably TMJ - which is caused, almost always, by anxiety/stress. I just wrote a blog post a few days ago about my own jaw doing the same thing - I've been clenching and grinding my jaw since I was a child and it gets worse over time. It's a cycle like anything else- it starts to hurt, then you start noticing that it hurts, then you worry about the fact that your jaw is hurting which causes more stress and makes you clench and grind even more. oh, the joys of Anxiety!! My advice, even though you didn't ask for it: f the codeine! that only helps with pain - I'd ask for a muscle relaxer (flexeril) and keep a warm heating pad on your jaw (on the lowest setting possible.)I hope you feel better.


Leigh Stein said...

Pat: I've told you that's what's wrong with your TWICE now. Did you go to an ENT?

Chalie: Remind me in three months when the snow is gone.

Rachel: I don't think I officially have TMJ, but I have something similar. Yeah, the codeine didn't work, because that was just supposed to help the ear infection I never actually had. The specialist I saw told me to take Aleve, which did the trick. I've been taking it every day this week, but it's helping less. Maybe I need to actually go to a doctor. WHO HAS TIME TO GO TO A DOCTOR = stress, and on and on. You know.

Catherine Lacey said...

Try Acupuncture.