Sunday, January 18, 2009

More help

I am sick and feel all woozy on Dayquil. Thanks, body, you really know how to cap off an excellent week with more excellence!

At the moment, I can't remember why I asked about the Newton's Cradle. I know it goes in the book somewhere. I will remember eventually.

Last night, Kendra and Catherine Lacey and I saw Waltz with Bashir. Was it as good as it was rumored to be? Yes. There's a part in the film where a guy talks about a study, in which people were shown photos of themselves as children, including one that was doctored. It showed them at the park with their parents. 80% of the people recognized themselves, and remembered being there. 20% said they didn't remember. When asked a second time, the 20% relented and said, Oh yeah, now I remember.

Is this for real? Does anyone know about this?


Kendra Grant Malone said...

I've been thinking about that part too.

Hattie said...

hey little bug, feel better. i'll call you today. xoxo

Catherine Lacey said...

I was taking notes when he said that. I don't know, but I will try to find out.

Eastern Cynic said...

It makes sense. Studies have shown that only children remember significantly less about their childhood than people who grow up with siblings. The thing is, they're not actually remembering more; they're remembering being told about things more. Memory by reinforcement.

Chalie Mae said...

ive been dying to see this movie but cant find anyone to go with... i will once again be the weird lonely girl in the center of the theatre eating milk duds snuggling with the best date ever... her coat