Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Michael Northrop said...

When I was very young (and keep in mind, this may very well have been in special ed.), someone told me that math is the universal language because not only humans but also dolphins can understand it. I've never really questioned that because it's one of those things where the world is a cooler place if it's true.

Anyway, the dolphins and I have been talking, and even though we're pleased with your recent progress, they would like to remind you of the math involved in reaching your goal (34 pages/11 days) in the hope that it will keep you fully motivated.

Leigh Stein said...


I re-did the math in the shower this morning. Really, I anticipate writing two more chapters and then I think I'm done. A party scene and then a rainstorm. I think once I get all the animals on the ark, I'll be in the clear. No but seriously, party scene + rainstorm = really only like 24 pages. Plus, I have Monday off work. I also have Saturday the 24th off work.

I appreciate your pushiness.

Michael Northrop said...

OK, it sounds like you're on top of things. I just don't want you to lose your sense of porpoise.

Rainstorms make great endings. You're going to crush this.

Eric Z. said...

Don't forget the index.

Bitter 2,15,23-24
Rustic 34
Outdoor 155-58
Ginger 45
O'Hare Airport 62

Leigh Stein said...

Cicadas 6, 8, 72-80
Lawn Sprinklers 56
Pandas 15-16, 40, 64-66, 140