Monday, February 2, 2009

Approximately 8 Things About Me

Since I'm sure everyone wants to know everything about me, as evidenced by the number of times I've been tagged to do one of those @*$&*(!$ 25 Things Facebook notes, here's an update: I've had a migraine for 23 hours, I went to work anyway, even though things smell weird, things look weird (like they're glowing), and when someone tried to teach me a new thing at work, I stared off into space while my eyes filled up with tears. It feels like being stoned, but also having your head inside of a vice at the same time. I left at lunch and called my mom and couldn't stop crying, and had to call another girl who works with me to tell my boss I had to go home. Then I ate Junior Mints and looked at real estate listings (my favorite brainless pasttime) and took a nap. I feel a little better now, but Jesus Christ, it's like someone went inside my brain and decided to rob me of anything useful. I dropped one of my New School classes, so I'm only taking one this semester. This is part of my Leigh Stein Suicide Prevention plan.


Michael Northrop said...

I am down with the LSSPP, and I think that was a good decision.

I hope the healing power of the Junior Mints is flowing through you.

julia said...

oh so now i'm just another girl who works with you, huh? i'll try to forget that in light of the fact that I LOVE YOU and FEEL BETTER and just so you know fm was very lovely and kept shaking her head and damning the "stress and tension" that has brought you to this point of sickness.
seriously, feel better, gumdrop

Leigh Stein said...

oh my little butternut squash, i was just trying to protect your identity!... thanks for saving my life.