Thursday, February 26, 2009

Harvest wildlife such as Turkey, Pheasant, Mule Deer, Elk

"Do you have a plan for survival in the wake of a nuclear attack or the next massive natural disaster? Where will you and your family live? How will you survive? Survival Land is featuring affordable Survival Land For Sale in Montana, Wyoming & New Mexico. These properties are located in some of least likely areas US to be targeted by terrorist attacks and have some of the lowest mortality rates caused by natural disasters.

35Acres Remote Wyoming Survival Land For Sale Great "Bug Out" location. Remote enough to be out of the way but still have access to what is left of society after the Big Crash. Perfect survival land for solar panels and wind generation, power from the grid not even needed, drill a well and build a well fortified structure for comfortable living. Grow crops, raise livestock and harvest wildlife such as Turkey, Pheasant, Mule Deer, Elk.

This land is available with Easy Owner Financing visit for more details today. (Click on the Survival Land For Sale tab)

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Risk of Nuclear Attack on Rise"

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