Saturday, February 7, 2009

i heart will eno

DOCTOR. Time's a-wasting. There's only so much cocoa. That's my philosophy.
NURSE. You can't go wrong with a philosophy like that. Also, "Don't get sick in Europe," someone once told me. (To Man.) You need a hat. And hurry. We're going to light some sparklers. (Nurse and Doctor exit.)
WOMAN. Let's stay. I've seen a sparkler before.
MAN. Okay. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
WOMAN. Are you thinking about when I burned my hand one year on New Year's Eve?
MAN. No.
WOMAN. Then no.
MAN. You look pretty.
WOMAN. Maybe I am pretty.
MAN. That would explain it.


WOMAN. I don't want to miss everything. I really don't. I like everything.
MAN. Me neither. (Pause.) I meant to yell.
WOMAN. (Pause.) Name a season.
MAN. Winter.
WOMAN. Name another.
MAN: Spring.
WOMAN: We were made for each other.
MAN: Name an animal.
WOMAN: The otter.
MAN: Name another.
WOMAN: No thanks.
MAN: We were.
WOMAN: Can we go be alone somewhere?
MAN: Both of us?
WOMAN: Yeah.
MAN: I know just the place.
WOMAN: Where?
MAN: I don't know I've just heard people say that before.

- THE FLU SEASON by Will Eno

Eric is a good good friend, for sending this in a time of need. I don't want to jinx it, but my fog may be lifting. Or maybe it's just that I always feel better in the morning than, say, at 3:00. My coffee tastes good and I'm looking forward to making up a play about the circus in a couple hours.


Michael Northrop said...

I'm not sure if that is repartee or banter, but it's fine stuff.

I'm glad the fog is lifting and the circus is in town.

James said...

good stuff. it was nice meeting you in the cafeteria the other day. wouldn't be opposed to it happening again.