Saturday, February 7, 2009

New School University-Sponsored Sock Puppets at AWP

Hi Poets,

The New School is buying my ticket to AWP this year, as a representative of our lit journal, 12th Street. One night, at a bar, someone (Kendra Grant Malone) suggested puppet poetry, and I am hereby appropriating it for the official activity of the New School's table at the book fair.

I hope you will consider stopping by our table, to record your own forty-eight second video masterpiece. You can read your own poem, you can read a friend's poem (or do a duet?), you can read "The Song of Hiawatha" or even "Song of Myself." We will post the videos of the puppet readings on our blog:

There are a couple very rough (my camera is old/my puppet looks like a tramp in a babushka) puppet videos below this post.

Though I am sure your own readings, with more improved puppets yet to be debuted, will far surpass these. We'll be there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Don't be shy.

Please forward to strangers/blog/discuss as the spirit moves you.




Meggy_FFW said...

I'm going to be AWP too, sweetheart.

Meggy_FFW said...

AT. I'm going to be AT AWP.

Leigh Stein said...

My life just got so much better! We will coordinate.