Sunday, February 8, 2009

What are you doing on Friday night? I'll give you a hint.

We meet at the Library Brown El Line Station (1 W Van Buren St), Northbound to Kimball Platform @ 8:45 pm. Look for the SIGN and the CROWD.

Pictures of the Chicago skyline and el platforms make me emotional. I had a drink tonight with a girl I've known since I was five years old. Somewhere I still have a picture of us, taken on our first day of 2nd grade, and I'm wearing a fuschia hat with a big flower in the front, like Mayim Bialik. I know it's second grade because I'm holding up my fingers like a peace sign. In the summer, she and her sister and I would sit on my long driveway, when it wasn't still too hot from the sun, and trade baseball cards.


Chalie Mae said...

will you be in town for this? also... the first person i thought of was gina and then i was like "nah shes here" so i thought steph. am i right? ps waltz with bashir=brilliant

Leigh Stein said...

YES, i will be in town. it would be nice if you could come, but i understand you have a small furry animal living with you now...

yes, i saw stephanie! i think she and gina are the people i've known longest.