Monday, March 9, 2009


"What would I do without them? (Pause.) What would I do without them, when words fail? (Pause.) Gaze before me, with compressed lips. (Long pause while she does so.) I cannot. (Pause.) Ah yes, great mercies, great mercies. (Long pause. Low.) Sometimes I hear sounds. (Listening expression. Normal voice.) But not often. (Pause.) They are a boon, sounds are a boon, they help me...through the day. (Smile) The old style! (Smile off.) Yes, those are happy days, when there are sounds. (Pause.) When I hear sounds. (Pause.) I used to think... (pause)...I say I used to think they were in my head. (Smile.) But no. (Smile broader.) No no. (Smile off.) That was just logic. (Pause.) Reason. (Pause.) I have not lost my reason. (Pause.) Not yet. (Pause.) Not all. (Pause.) Some remains. (Pause.) Sounds. (Pause.) Like little...sunderings, little falls...apart."

Happy Days / Beckett

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