Monday, April 20, 2009

But I want to be dangerous.

I think I just survived the busiest weekend of my life, but next weekend may prove to be worse, so I should watch my mouth. Tonight I'm going to hip hop class. I registered for it by accident, but now I'm kind of into it.

I have to read Cloud 9 and Top Girls for class tomorrow. I tried starting Cloud 9 last night before bed and thought, wtf is this, and gave up, but it got better on the train this morning.

Africa, 1880. p18:

[ BETTY is played by a man.]

HARRY. I wondered where you were.
BETTY. I was singing lullabies.
HARRY. When I think of you I always think of you with Edward in your lap.
BETTY. Do you think of me sometimes then?
HARRY. You have been thought of where no white woman has ever been thought of before.
BETTY. It's one way of having adventures. I suppose I will never go in person.
HARRY. That's up to you.
BETTY. Of course it's not. I have duties.
HARRY. Are you happy, Betty?
BETTY. Where have you been?
HARRY. Built a raft and went up the river. Stayed with some people. The king is always very good to me. They have a lot of skulls around the place but not white men's I think. I made up a poem one night. If I should die in this forsaken spot, There is a loving heart without a blot Where I will live--and so on.
BETTY. When I'm near you it's like going out into the jungle. It's like going up the river on a raft. It's like going out in the dark.
HARRY. And you are safety and light and peace and home.
BETTY. But I want to be dangerous.
HARRY. Clive is my friend.
BETTY. I am your friend.
HARRY. I don't like dangerous women.

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Eric Z. said...

Top Girls is one of my three favorite plays, though it took me years and seeing a few productions before I liked or respected the first act much. Cloud 9 is one that I came around to liking on the page but then it didn't work as well onstage. The Skriker, though -- that's one I think you'd enjoy.

I think Caryl C. is the T.S. Eliot of playwriting -- making deliberately broken plays that are deliberately unsatisfying but aim to somehow wake up the reader/audience and take them to a new level with that broken-ness. Which means that when they don't work, they're definitely wtf; but on the bright side, each of her plays is completely original, even if some of them are impossible to stage successfully.