Friday, April 17, 2009

Good week recap

My favorite part of Fridays is signing emails with "Have a great weekend." I get a small thrill every time I do it.

Now that it's light out later, I feel better about walking all the way to Coney Island Avenue at night to do my laundry, where the laundromat is much better than the one on Cortelyou for a few reasons: 1) Telemundo, 2) the Indian restaurant across the street, and 3) general cleanliness. There are few things in life that make me as happy as looking in my closet and seeing stacks of clean clothes and pillow cases.

On Telemundo, there was a Tecate commercial that opened with a man putting shaving cream on his tongue. Then he shaved it, and won a boxing match. This was followed by a scene in which a middle-aged woman stepped onto a bus, and every man stood to offer her his seat. Tecate makes you such a hardcore gentleman I guess.

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personage said...

I had to look up this Tecate thing. I am amused now.

Have a great weekend!