Monday, April 6, 2009

Poem for My Best Friend / Dorothea Lasky

Laura Solomon you are my best friend.
Outside the house where I grew up,
If you turn the outside lights off,
There is a nightglow one could only claim as eternity.
In the imperfect way that
All humans are perfect
You are perfect and guess what else is perfect?
All of life.
When you are loved, life fills in you
And there is reason for us all.
Now there is something between me and
The boy from the other side.
There is something between me and him
And his gleaming teeth on mine
Fills me with the wonder life cannot take from me.
O that I am nurtured at the sight and taste of love!
O that the moon and the big tree
Of my childhood glow on me
With metered abandon and you must know it too
Being that we are both poets
What glows on me, glows on you.
And if that be love,
Well then all the better.
And the generosity from my heart
Will fill your own with metered music.
And if both our hearts swell with the love I feel
From his sweet hand on mine
well then all the better, too.
Bird in snow and love mouth wet with rain
And hands full of rain
The mouth of rain leaving us
And filling up the world
With a love the world cannot make itself.
And if that is not enough reason for us
Then whatever is is something I am never meant to understand.
And in not understanding, I catch the bird.
And the bird, shaking and silent
Gurgles in my hand, brown and bleating, and
Slowly he fades away.
And in empty palm the moonglow
Shines on me and my right hand
Becomes the mirror of the world
And my left, the black sunset.

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