Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Circle of Life

E: Today we found a dead bird in the street. It was just a baby bird.

Me: Oh no! How did that make you feel?

E: I wanted to get a piece of paper.

Me: A piece of paper?

E: We found a dead bird at school and put it on a piece of paper and buried it.

E's Dad: E's a little scientist. She's very practical.


Me: What's "The Circle of Life" about?

S: Baby Simba being born.

Me: Okay, but I mean, what does that mean? What is the circle of life? What happens when something dies?

K: You're reincarnated?

Me: What about animals? What if an animal dies in the wild and there's no one to bury it?

K: It gets eaten.

Me: Right. And what happens to its bones? They go back into the earth, right? Into the ground? And then flowers come up. That's what it means, the circle of life.

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