Friday, May 8, 2009

May madness Part I

I wrote my Pinter play for class last night. I think it's pretty good. I put in a lot of bugs, because I think bugs add an essential level of paranoia and fear.

To do in the next eleven days: write a paper that compares something to something, I can't remember; buy a dress for Katelin's wedding (which I dreamed was a Russian circus); read in Bryant Park tomorrow in my mouse princess costume; read at Barnes and Noble in my mouse princess costume; introduce poets at a different Barnes and Noble in a normal costume; be filmed with my seven-year-olds, doing a play of a comic book (I play the men + the Brooklyn Bridge); read Marat/Sade.

I told Hattie last night I was going to download a bunch of Mariah Carey songs.

MARIAH CAREY?, she said.

Like old, good Mariah Carey.

Like Butterfly?



"Always Be My Baby" I think goes down on my all-time favorite songs list. I listened to it repeatedly on the train from Brooklyn this morning. And by repeatedly I mean repeatedly. All those synthesizers really do me in. I want to throw a party, just so I can make a playlist with this song as centerpiece.

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Eric Z. said...

I had the same repeat-on-the-ipod-on-the-train springtime experience with Boyz II Men's "Motownphilly."