Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me: And then I drove to his house and he was like, "When you ____, you look like ____" and I said, "I am ____," and then later he texted me to say I'm ____.
Julia: You two talk to each other like the characters in your book.
Me: We are the characters in my book.

* * *

Hattie: I didn't like Earth. Nature makes me sad, like animals eating other animals.
Me: So are you going to become a vegetarian?
Hattie: No, I just don't want to see the movie again.
Me: Oh.
Hattie: There was this scene with a polar bear trying to find ice, because all the ice is melted, and they were like "See how tired he is, he's so exhausted and hungry." And then he came across these walruses and a baby walrus. And usually if there's a baby who's about to get eaten, you feel sorry for the baby, but in this case, because you saw how exhausted the polar bear was, you wanted it to get the baby, but all the other walruses were protecting it.
Me: I don't think I can hear anymore. This is too upsetting.
Hattie: And then the polar bear fell over and died.

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