Monday, May 11, 2009

Open Letter

Dear New York Subway,

I WILL NOT "go green" and buy a Kindle. I WILL NOT accessorize or personalize my Kindle. Have you heard the robot man who lives inside them speak? They are pleasure-destroyers, the death of all things good and true.

Very sincerely,

Leigh Stein


Hattie said...

what is it?

Leigh Stein said...


this is why i love you. it's an electronic book reader, like an ipod for books. it is so ugly and makes me so furious.

Catherine Lacey said...

Yes. Fuck the Kindle, I think, unless it somehow makes people read a ton of "books" and then go buy the real things too.

personage said...

i was actually thinking of getting one. this was before amazon decided to allow authors opt out of the text-to-speech feature. i was going to use it in the gym; i cannot read on a treadmill or a bicycle. i also realized that most of the books i would want it to read to me are not available for it, and/or are significantly more expensive than the paper versions. i still like the free internet connection idea though.

Eastern Cynic said...

I firmly believe that not everything we look at should be a goddamn computer screen.

bunkywu said...

i'm totally getting one. take that.

Leigh Stein said...


Right, like that will happen.


Why not get an audio book? You have an ipod, right?




Don't go breaking my heart.

personage said...

i do have an ipod, but they don't make audio books for the majority of stuff i (have to) read; turns out their availability on kindle is quite limited, too, and people are complaining that the graphics/tables/flow charts are missing. i liked the idea of being able to bookmark things, easily take notes/copy passages and being able to carry a whole reference library in my suitcase, but it doesn't look like i can actually take advantage of this technology. maybe in a few years.

personage said...

Another problem with Kindle: