Saturday, June 13, 2009

Autobiographical notes by special request

I tried doing this today. It is unbelievably hard. Are those veins popping in her neck or what?

The neighbors are having a party. It was "Play that Funky Music" a second ago, followed by "Super Freak." Has anyone else noticed that the bass line is the same as in "Can't Touch This?" When I was riding the Q this morning, "Under Pressure" came on my iPod just as the wall animation between DeKalb and the bridge started going, and it was like a moment of New York magic.

In college, I started wearing pink every day. I became known as The Pink Lady. I think it was a kind of armor, all that pink. I had a pink winter coat and a pink hat and a pink scarf and pink mittens. Now I have all these blue clothes. I wear blue every day. I don't know how it happened. Am I so embarrassed by my pink past? Why do I keep buying blue clothes? Do I even like/look good in blue?


Matt said...

and wasn't the bass line from Under Pressure sampled in Ice Ice Baby?

Leigh Stein said...


Facts & Fictions at the Montauk Club said...

I always wonder about people dressed monochromatically. The other day I saw a woman all in kelly green--she'd even dyed her hair. (Not an attractive choice.) I've always assumed that monochromatics do it because they like the color, a lot. But it makes much more sense that they (you?) do it because they can't help it.